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Metal fiber being produced by Fibertech is made by molten metal extraction process that is FiberTech's patent technology and no chemical treatment process as being an eco-friendly industry.


FiberTech strives to achieve its mission of development new products which is new metal fiber application having high efficiency, high durability and high quality by placing a particular emphasis on the recruitment of best researchers and the reinforcement of technical competiveness at burner media and system test lab, semi-chassis dynamometer and media & material test lab. Building on its research and development strengths FiberTech takes lead in developing innovative core automotive and burner component. 

Quality Management System 

FiberTech maintains the quality level required by automakers and boiler companies. FiberTech put efforts to provide the products that fully customer safety standards under sistematic quality management system such as FR (Fast response system), nonconformity management, validation, standards, standards work training, error proof system, LPA (Layered Process Audit), RPN reduction, Contamination control, supply chain management, 4M change and etc.  

FiberTech has been continously improving its quality and environment assurance system under ISO 9001, 14001, and TS16949. 

Metal Fiber 

FiberTech is holding and developing the patent technology to make all kinds of metals into metal fiber. 

Its core technology is the process to make metal into rapidly high-temperature molten state, then, produce metal fiber by operating the most ideal state of centrifugal disc

Surface Combustion 

The surface combustion has the fine splited flame on the whole burner surface. It makes the thermal energy uniform over the designated surface for diverse applications. The metal fiber burner media is the best solution for the surface cumbustion, as it has the high resistance against oxidation under high temperature, thermal and mechnical shock. 

The red flame has short flame length usually below 1mm, the medium heats to incandescence and releases the energy input as thermal radiation while the blue flame has longer flame length around 10 mm above the media surface and release  energy mainly through convection.

Its features are as below.


1. Fast homogeneous heating

   - The heating time can be reduced  over  70%

     compared to that of the conventiional burner system.

2. High modulation capability

    - Its range is 700 ~ 1,600 ºC , and High TDR (Turn Down Ratio)

      is available up to 15:1

3. Reduction of combustion chamber size

    - Up to  70% thanks to the short flame length.

4. Low CO and NOx emission

    - It provides performance near 10 ppm with the aid of

      burner head technologies (The upper emission regulates  50ppm)

5. High thermal efficiency

   - It provides to superior fuel saving

     which gives the thermal efficiency increase up to 30%. 




Filter Filtration of PM

FiberTech‘s filtration principle of particulate filter is the following diagram.

First, in case of pDPF, as shown in the following diagram, soots are filtered when it pass through media wall by various kinds of filtration principle and even over the soot limit, it is safe the passive type regeneration becuase exhaust gas pass through bypass slot. 

Second, in case of Full DPF, as shown in the following diagram, soots are filtered when it pass through media wall by various kinds of filtration principle. But there needs special filtration media that requires a high filtration efficiency and emission legislation after Euro VI C (6C) , regulated particle number 6.0E11#/km. To response this regulation, FiberTech developed MXP media. Structurally, this system has no bypass slot, so it requires a active regeneration mechanism like Post Fuel Injection or Burner (Continuous or Idle) ,etc.

ZLOT(Zero Light Off Time)
for cold start HC reduction & catalyst preheating
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