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About FiberTech

FiberTech was established in the name of Pioneer Metal Co., Ltd. on 1993. We started to develop new material from 1993 and had success in producing metal fiber by Molten Metal Extraction method for the first time in the world. We were selected to be one of 10 new technologies in Korea on 2000 and changed the company name into FiberTech for the same time. We produce the products specialized with metal fiber application and deliver to global customers.

2002 Commercialized sintering mat and applied to boiler product 

2004 Commercialized weaving mat and started to develop application product,    

         Started to develop exhaust system using metal fiber

2006 Launched burner media and system in European market

2008 Acquired Certification for Level II 3-4L  DPF for domestic

2009 Acquired Certification for Level III 6~12L  DPF for US (CARB)

2010 Acquired Certification for Level II  < 3L DPF for domestic (w/ Johnson Matthey, Korea)

2011 Acquired ISO/TS16949 , Completed development of Euro6 emission DPF, Flow-through substrate (TWC,

         DOC, LNT)

2012 Developd GPF for gasoline GDI engine, Developd flow though substrate, Awarded One million dollars export tower

2013 Developed SSSP media for TWC, DOC, LNT

2014 Developed NSSP media for TWC, DOC, LNT

2016 Launched Eco-Green Top-down grill "BRATEN"

FiberTech's Core Value
  • Respect to product, colleague and customers

  • Passion for best performance and quality

  • Challenge and Innovation for 1st class product vision and customer satisfaction

  • Sincerity to enjoy and responsible for the result

  • Integrity within social responsibility and sustainability

FiberTech's Core Competence

To respond with rapidly changing of automotive technology and strict regulation , FiberTech develop and produce product which comply with customer’s needs based on the idea far ahead to customer’s expectation and analysis with Paradigm Shift. 


FiberTech leads the technology of after-treatment catalysts for automotive based on retaining patents and  supply the products required for life and enterprise such as household and industrial boiler, water heater with the best quality system. 

FiberTech's Right People
  • Challenge The result from challenge doesn’t always have good performance. Nevertheless, sincere failure for success is privilege of challenger.

  • Courage   If you judge to be right direction, you should be taken courage into practice. In addition, when you find any problem during implementation, you need courage to correct the problem with advice.  

  • Responsibility  Sincere to fulfill good plan brings good results and the person who enjoys the result together with colleagues and customers, and take responsible for the result for further growth is talented people required by our company.

Environment and Sustainability

Metal molten extraction is most eco-friendly method unlike existing bundle drawing or shaving without pre and post treatment  method. Therefore, FiberTech’s manufacturing method corresponds with company vision to emphasize environment. In addition, we operate the low carbon emission factory that produces most efficient product with lowest energy and keep on performing removal of waste factor and pursue energy saving lean production method. 

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