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FiberTech has 3 major categories of products.

First,  Burner media and burner system for boiler and water heater.

Second,  Substrates and filters for catalytic converters.

Third,  High temperature  industrial filters.

Burner Media and Burner Head 


The surface combustion burner technology contribute to change boiler and water heaters for home and industry from the conventional to the condensing to maximize the efficiency. 

FiberTech burner media is classified into two major types as the woven media and the sintered media. The woven media has various applications according to the woven pattern, and the sintered media has the perforating or embossed sintered media with a regular interval punching and embossing patterns on sintered media. Please refer to the technology about specification.

Metal Fiber Substrates and Filters for Catalytic Converter


FiberTech secured technology of substrate and filters for catalytic converter that meet requirement for the emission regulations of Euro 6, Euro 7 and US LEV III and produce metalfiber substrates and filters ( GPF, DPF ) that have better mechanical durability and compensate the weakness of the existing substrates and filters.

FiberTech has developed DWSP, SSSP and NSSP media for substrate to meet customer needs, and MCD (Multi Cell Density) for saving PGM in catalytic converters.

In case of filter, FiberTech developed DPF for diesel engine and GPF for GDI gasoline engine and various media type SP, MLP and MXP with little penalty of porosity and different pore size. In case of MXP, its mean pore size is about 15 μm.  

Industrial Filter for High temperature 
Other Applications 

FiberTech's high temperature industrial filter is used to purify media for high temperature in process so that apply this filter to the case of over heating  on the range of polymer or carbon fiber endurance temperature.

Heat Shield Curtain 

Sound Absorber

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