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FiberTech is

Fibertech is producing the micro metal fiber the most advanced new material in 21st century by utilizing the process of the molten metal extraction which is the most economical and superior method among the metal fiber manufacturing technologies. By applying this new material manufacturing process, FiberTech has the variety of production line-up, the highly efficient and eco-friendly burners, the substrates for the catalytic converters and the filters for reducing harmful emission and soot from vehicle power-train systems as well as  the high temperature filters for industrial use.

As a metallic material specialty company with the production of the condensing burner media & heads and the automotive parts using metal fiber, FiberTech acquired ISO9001 and TS/ISO16949 to build and practice the environment management system  for the fulfillment of value creation through the innovation and for the achievement of the corporate philosophy (the advanced Technology, the customer satisfaction and the company competitiveness).    

High Thermal Industrial Filter

ZLOT System For Catalyst preheating

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Carpe Gusto

About us

All products that FiberTech develops and produces must be measured up to the customer requirements and FiberTech will endeavor to have customers' full satisfaction until the end of products life-cycle in trust. For this FiberTech has dream of strong company and sustainablity over generations in setting up its own value management strategies and the practical plans to be faithfully implemented.   

Latest News 


Start supplying DPF for Foton truck with Chinese Yuchai Power from July 2014.


As Euro IV regulation was executed from July 2014 in China, FiberTech started to supply pDPFs by 1,000 units/month via Yuchai Power who is the largest diesel engine company in China. The supply scale is expected to expand up to 3,000units/month. Based on this transaction, FiberTech will expand its business area to all over in China based on this business, which will let its turnover drastically grown up with this turning-point.


FiberTech has launched Eco green top-down grill " BRATEN" in July 2016

FiberTech , Eco friendly metal fiber burner manufacturer has released Eco-green Top-down grill "BRATEN" with its own surface combustion technologies that doesn't make any harmful emission, any harmful fine dust and the burning offensive smell when grilling the meat or fish without sputtering oil. 

Thanks to using portable gas, the easy carrying for camping and the easy storage at the kitchen or car trunk are competitive feature compared to those using electrical powered grills, Currently, you can buy BRATEN in on-line market and homepage. Enjoy various events in Braten Homepage .