For the Clean Future 



Welcome to visit FiberTech.

Since we have changed name into FiberTech on 2000, we contribute to develop and growth business in environment and energy field by securing source technology regarding producing metal fiber. 


FiberTech has grown to be a major player in the field of environment, energy and new material industries based on mass production of micro metalfiber, advanced new material in 21 centuries, by  unique process called 'Molten Metal Extraction' that has most economical and superior metal characteristic among all the existing metal fiber manufacturing technology, 


We are supplying hi-tech heat source for hi-efficiency boiler and water heater by applying metal fiber burner media and burner head, that is hard to achieve from conventional burner system, . And we are producing metal fiber substrates and particuate filters ( GPF & DPF ) for catalytic converter that has better washcoat adhesion and durability than other type of substrates and filters to respond for strict regulation of exhaust gas and particulate matter. 


FiberTech promises to provide high-quality products with special emphasis on customer satisfaction through making constant efforts of research and development ( R&D ) and aspiration to become a global leader. Thank you very much.



                                                                                                                Taek Heon Lee